Good People, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Small Business, incorporated under the laws of California, that has been providing personnel to Commercial, County, State, and Federal Government clients throughout the United States since 2009.

The Company is operated by Ms. Deborah (Debby) Muñoz who has been actively involved in personnel staffing for more than 29 years. Ms. Muñoz maintains operational responsibility for company offices, as well as for staffing contracts that have placed personnel in many locations throughout the U.S. She has placed emphasis on building the formal mechanisms and processes to operate an intensive recruiting and placement program while reducing the costs of doing so. This emphasis has resulted in an extensive body of company policies aimed at achieving total compliance with Federal and State laws for every single placement, reducing risk to clients associated with less than perfect hires, and at increased retention of talented personnel, thereby reducing turnover, and thus reducing costs and risks for clients.

Ms. Muñoz’s leadership has also resulted in the development and implementation of safety and training programs, and institution of formal risk management processes. She has maximized the use of computer technology as an affordable means to bring downs costs and risk while also increasing productivity and efficiency. Each process devoted to staffing has been refined with automated resources employed were feasible including the shifting much of the company’s recruiting effort to Internet online resources. As you will see from the short biographies and process descriptions given below, one strong reason why Good People is your best value supplier of services is the people and process we bring you to manage this contract.

Mr. Charles Idleman

Good People Branch Manager

Mr. Idleman possesses over 25 years of experience in the staffing industry having served as a recruiter, manager, and sales representative and enjoys a sound understanding of industry expectations. Mr. Idleman currently operates out of our Cerritos, CA facility and currently oversees the support of our customer base.

Debby Muñoz

Good People President

Debby Muñoz is in place to ensure that the successful staffing processes that she has developed and consistently perfected over 25 years and hundreds of contracts are followed and subject to continuous improvement.

Freddie McGraw

Good People VP of Operations

Freddie has more than 23 Years of experience in managing personnel on a variety of commercial, Federal, and local government contracts, with a particular focus on Quality Control exercised on dozens of contracts. Most importantly, many of the contracts she manages are repeat, or follow-on contracts, due to her attention to Quality Control and customer satisfaction.